Patty Jarrell

I've worked in the fitness industry my whole life! Well, maybe not that long, but truly all of my adult life. After studying Exercise Science and Nutrition at ASU, I never looked back. Health and exercise have always been my passion. I love helping people get strong and healthy and reach their potential. It's incredibly gratifying to be a part of someone's transformation which encompasses physical, emotional and nutritional health. I have had so many clients over the years who are dedicated to putting in the hard work and make lifestyle changes in order to improve the quality of their lives. And I've experienced this with ALL ages!

I've also seen many fitness trends come and go over the years. I am very careful about integrating products into my business because I want the best for my clients. I believe in these products because I have seen the results. Supplements can be used as an extra tool to fight the aging process, get healthier, and have more energy. The skincare line adds some organic beauty essentials that are safe and clean. These products can be used to enhance the daily hard work we put into the gym to achieve even better results.  I truly believe that there is no "fast fix" for weight loss! There is no "magic pill" to gain muscle mass, or fight disease. It is consistency over time, with the right wellness plan that gets you there.

I believe that for many struggling people, the missing link involves focusing on their nutritional plan. Obesity is an epidemic in America! I believe that by providing our bodies with lost nutrients, we can meet our goals faster because we come back into a state of balance or homeostasis. You may want to boost your metabolism, improve your joint health, or detoxify. Whatever your goals are, I would love to help! Please contact me with any questions about which products may benefit you the most. I'm ready to help you reach your goals this month!

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